The Best Online Chess Stores In 2018

A Chess Store

A user-friendly guide to the internet’s best chess stores. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced collector, our advice can help you find the perfect set for a great price.

A Chess Store
Are you looking to buy a chess set, but have no idea where to begin? Maybe there are no chess stores near your location, or maybe you just feel more comfortable with online shopping – either way, we can help guide you to the best online chess stores in 2018 and make sure you avoid the worst ones.

The House of Staunton

The House of Staunton LogoThe House of Staunton is a well-respected brand with a wide variety of merchandise available in its online store. Many experts consider this brand the “gold standard” of chess products. With a quick scroll through their product list, it’s easy to see why. The House of Staunton produces beautiful, custom made and handcrafted sets that are either reproductions of historical sets, or a new take on an old favorite.

Wooden chess sets, chess tables, chess boards, chess pieces, chess clocks, chess books, chess software, and more are all available in the House of Staunton store, so it could easily become a convenient one stop shop for all of your chess product needs. To learn more, check out our full review.

Chess House

Chess House LogoChess House is another great place where you can buy chess sets online. It began as a small mail-order shop based out of Kansas City, but has now grown into one of the top online chess stores in the world. They sell a wide variety of chess products, ranging from chess sets and tournament equipment to educational materials to step up your game. Their chess sets come in a much wider variety of styles and materials than the ones at The House of Staunton, so if you prefer a less traditional set, Chess House may have more products that suit your style.

Chess House typically has great prices for all of its chess sets, and one of the most notable things about their store is how easy it is to source replacement parts for sets you bought from them. Even if years have gone by since you bought it, they’ll do their best to find you a suitable replacement piece.

The Chess Store

TheChessStore LogoThe Chess Store opened for business in 1999, and since then, it has been providing top of the line Staunton style chess sets for purchase. They take the quality of their products very seriously and only sell their own exclusive designs after each piece has been thoroughly inspected for quality. Though you won’t always find the cheapest price, you can get a great value when you buy your chess equipment from The Chess Store.

Wholesale Chess

Wholesale Chess LogoWholesale Chess is a great place to get quality chess sets on a tight budget. They have a price match policy that ensures that their price on any product will never be beaten. This means that if you find the same item for a lower price anywhere on the web, they’ll lower their price to match. It’s a great feature and one of the things that makes Wholesale Chess the best place to shop if you want to stick to your budget.

What Makes a Good Online Chess Store?

It’s common to wonder where to buy chess sets. With so many options out there, it’s difficult to sort the good from the bad if you don’t know exactly what to look for. Luckily, we do, and we’re willing to share our reviews with you to make sure you find a great chess set and avoid getting ripped off by subpar sellers. We judge online chess stores based on a few simple criteria:

Product Quality

Product quality is perhaps the most important factor to consider when judging an online chess store. If their products aren’t worth having, none of the rest of the factors really matter, except maybe the return policy. Make sure the store takes pride in their products and stands behind their quality.

Fair Prices

Not to be confused with low prices! Depending on the quality and luxuriousness of a product, a high price can still be a fair price. You’ll just want to make sure that the chess shop isn’t overcharging for subpar goods. You should get what you pay for.

Customer Service

Finally, the quality of the customer service department says a lot about the store as a whole. If customer service is friendly, helpful, and eager to resolve your problem, that’s a sign of a good business.

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