The Best Chess Tables In 2018

A roundup of the most luxurious, practical, and best value chess tables for sale this year.

A chess table is an elegant addition to any chess lover’s home, and they can instantly give a room an air of studiousness. These Chess Tables can also be beautiful pieces of art in their own right, with craftsman meticulously aligning pieces of hardwood, marble, and other luxury materials. On the other hand, they can be more simple, and act as a practical piece of furniture to play chess games on and store away the pieces afterward.

It all depends on what you want in a chess table, and of course how big your budget is! You’ll need to consider things like:

Materials: Chess tables come in all types of materials, including wood, metal, stone, and plastic. Consider the longevity and aesthetic of each material before deciding on one.

Style: There are many antique style chess tables, but there are also many more modern versions. Would you prefer a more traditional table, or one that fits in with your home’s decor?

Storage: Some tables have drawers or cabinets to store chess pieces and other accessories when not in use, while others only offer the flat play surface. The latter are perfect for displaying a decorative chess set, while the former are better for consistent play.

The Best Chess Tables In 2018 (Page Summary):

The Best Chess Tables In 2018:

1. Signature Traditional Chess Table – 2.25” Squares

This chess table is an extremely impressive specimen. The Signature Traditional Chess Table is handcrafted by master craftsman Nate Cohen and can be custom ordered to your exact specifications. You can choose the size of the squares as well as the number of storage drawers on the finished product. If you want luxury, there is no better choice. Act quickly, though, because this is a limited edition table, collector quality product. This table will only be available for sale for a short time and after that it will become increasingly difficult to find them.

This table’s large size make it great not only for chess but other games as well- you could host a very sophisticated poker night on this big chess table. It measures 32” by 42” and stands 30” off the floor. The maple and Brazilian ebony squares make it a joy to look at even when it’s not in use, and the optional storage drawers provide necessary functionality. If you’re in the market for a gorgeous, handcrafted table that no one else will have, this limited edition custom piece is the one for you. If you’re interested in
The Signature Traditional Chess Table, we recommend buying as soon as you can because this is a limited run offer, and it’s impossible to tell when or if a product of this caliber will come around again.

Product Details [Read more]
Manufacturer The House Of Staunton
Made In U.S
Table Dimensions 32W x 42L x 30″H
Materials Genuine Ebony, Maple, Walnut, White Oak
Square Size 2” To 2-5/8” squares (Customer’s Choice)

2. 23.5” Alabaster Chess Table

The Alabaster chess table is another gorgeous choice, with its solid walnut inlaid with Italian mahogany and genuine alabaster, it exudes luxury. Each one of these alabaster chess tables is handcrafted in Italy and imported on an order by order basis. In many ways, buying this table is like buying your own personal masterpiece. It has two storage drawers with brass handles and a solid, turned wood pillar that supports the playing surface. The entire table has an attractive, shiny finish. From any angle, it’s obvious that this is a high end product. Having this beauty sitting in your home will not only impress your guests, but The 23.5″ Alabaster Chess Tables will also encourage you to play more chess! The smooth, glassy surface of the board is just begging to be played upon.

This table is one of the most elegant and impressive in the standard size category– which is the most popular category. In fact, this particular table is a best seller among chess professionals. It’s no wonder, because even though the table itself is just over 23 inches across, its stunning craftsmanship makes it a powerful presence in any room. You can also add on a set of brass and wood chess pieces to match this beautiful table.

Product Details [Read more]
Manufacturer Imported
Made In Italy
Table Dimensions 23.5″W x 23.5″L x 27 3/8″H
Materials Solid Walnut, Italian Mahogany, Alabaster
Square Size 2.5”
Drawer Dimensions 11″ x 11″ x 2.5″

3. Redding Custom Concrete Chess Tables

This unique chess table is made from concrete rather than the traditional wood, giving it a sleek, modern appearance. It is also an environmentally friendly choice, since the artist incorporates recycled materials in the design. The tables are made from Portland cement mixed with colored glass, all surrounding squares made of granite or marble.

Each of these tables are completely custom, and no two turn out the same. When you order, you can customize things such as the glass color, the cement color, the material of the squares, the table base, and other modifications. You can even have things inlaid or etched into the cement, such as a name, initials, or a favorite coin or even a lucky chess piece! You work directly with the artist to craft your perfect Redding custom chess table and really the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

It’s important to note with this concrete chess table that the finished product will be much heavier than a similar sized table top in wood. The artist recommends having a sturdy table base on hand that stands on four legs rather than three and can support more than 100 pounds. Two table bases are available for purchase along with your Redding Custom Concrete Chess Table top. One is made of powder coated steel and the other is hand forged by a blacksmith. Either would make a great complement to your modern concrete chess table.

Product Details [Read more]
Manufacturer Ron Black
Made In U.S
Table Dimensions 24″W x 24″L x 2″In Depth
Materials Concrete, Glass, Granite/Marble
Square Size 1 7/8″
Weight 90-95 Pounds

4. 23” Ultimate Italian Game Table

If you’re looking for a table that can not only be used for chess, but also other games like backgammon, checkers, or cards, then the 23″ Ultimate Italian is the game table for you. It is hands down the best multi game table on the market. The ornate table is handcrafted in Italy and has a unique transforming design that allows you to get ultimate functionality out of a single piece of furniture. Because you can play a lot of different games on it, This is a very popular choice for families or casual chess players who can’t justify purchasing a table designed to play only one game.

The 23″ Ultimate Italian Game Table is made from the finest hardwoods, including Italian mahogany and walnut, with inlays of briarwood and maple. Its versatility comes from its unique cover piece. On one side of the cover is a felt surface perfect for card games, but flip it over and you’ll see a beautiful wooden chess or checker board. With the cover completely removed, the interior backgammon board is revealed! When not in use, this interior compartment can provide storage space for game pieces, although a set of chess pieces in not included in the purchase of this chess game table.

Product Details [Read more]
Manufacturer Imported
Made In Italy
Table Dimensions 23″W x 23″L x 27″H
Materials Mahogany, Walnut, Briarwood, Maple
Square Size 2″
3 Different Game Boards
Chess Pieces Are Not Included

5. Dave Reynolds Surf Chess Set and Wave Table

If you’re looking for uniqueness, look no further than the Dave Reynolds Surf Chess Set and Wave Table. Now this is a chess table that you’ve never seen anywhere else in 2018. The chess table is crafted to look like a wave and comes with its own set of unique surfing-themed chess pieces, along with a box to store them in. It’s a great value for the money, but more than that, it makes for a highly unique conversation piece. The chess pieces are just as interesting as The Wave Chess Board Table itself. The pawns are sculpted like skim boards on a pile of rocks, the rook is a model of a “shabby surf shack”, the knight is a replica of a Chevy Fleetmaster Woody with surfboards strapped on top, Bishops are 5” tall big wave guns crafted of exotic Hawaiian Koa wood, the Queen is a 6″ triple stringer 60’s style longboard made in basswood with California redwood stringers, and the King (otherwise known as the Big Kahuna) is a 7″ tall 1940’s redwood and pine Hawaiian plank.

A variety of woods are used to craft this complete set, including birch, walnut, bamboo, maple, mahogany, teak, California redwood, Hawaiian koa, and pine. The careful attention to detail that the artist puts into these is evident in each unique set.

Product Details [Read more]
Manufacturer Dave Reynolds
Made In U.S
Table Dimensions 20″W x 20″L x 30″H
Materials Hawaiian Koa, Teak,
California Redwood,
Mahogany, Bamboo,
Walnut, Maple

6. Walnut Maple Premium Hardwood Chess Table

This chess board table is handmade in the United States by a 5th generation craftsman. Safe to say he knows his stuff! His long years of training definitely shine through in the finished product. The chess table is made of solid maple and walnut, with no veneers anywhere on the table. This makes for a solid, well-constructed chess table that is built to last. The design of the table allows for a 21” chess board to be inserted into it and extracted at will, so that you have a bonus chess board that you can use on its own as well as in this premium hardwood chess table. You can buy it with or without the removable chess board- five different styles are available.

The Walnut Maple Premium Hardwood Chess Board Table also has plenty of storage space for chess pieces, chess clocks, and other accessories. The playing surface also has a 4 inch border of maple (or maple and walnut depending on the style you choose) that gives you plenty of room for clocks and other items during play. This modern chess table offers a great blend of beauty and functionality with its removable board, spaciousness, and high quality woods. It has almost a mid century modern design that will look good in any home.

Product Details [Read more]
Manufacturer Hand Crafted
Made In U.S
Table Dimensions 30″W x 30″L x 29.5″H
Materials Walnut, Maple
Square Size 2″
Weight 26.3 Lbs
Storage Dimensions 22.5″W x 22.5″L x 3″H

7. US Made Round Pedestal Game Table, Solid Cherry Wood – 3 in 1

This table is another multitasker, with playing surfaces for chess, checkers, cards, and backgammon. This chess table set also includes all the pieces for each game, making it a great value. The chess pieces included are high quality as well, made from sheesham and kari wood and weighted for stability, with a felted bottom to protect the surface of this chess set table. Its small size and round shape make it an excellent space saver, and easy to fit into any room.

US Made Round Pedestal Game Table Solid Cherry Wood - 3 in 1

This chess table is crafted to the highest of quality standards- it’s made entirely in the USA with only eco friendly hardwoods certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The table itself is made of solid cherry, which has a rich red hue that will only grow more beautiful with age. The chess side table includes two spacious drawers to house all the game pieces. The game board is inlaid with solid maple and walnut squares beneath a protective lacquer finish.

When you purchase this game board, you are not only purchasing it for yourself. The U.S Made Round Pedestal Game Table is an excellent game table that could easily become an heirloom piece in your family. It will last, in gorgeous condition, for many generations to come. And, because it’s not exclusively a chess table, family members of all ages can enjoy it, whether they play chess or not.

Product Details [Read more]
Made In U.S
Table Dimensions Tabletop Diameter
32″ x 31.5″H
Materials Solid cherry, Walnut, Maple
Square Size 20 x 20″ Board
Weight 60.95 Lbs
Storage Drawers 2
Chess Pieces Included

8. Briarwood Lacquered Table- 2” Squares

The Briarwood Lacquered table is a great option for budget buyers, and it comes in two different colors – wine and elm. The wine is a purplish red color, and The Elm Version is more of a light brown. It has a more modern design than most other chess tables, and a smaller footprint. It is 25 inches tall and 21 inches square, making it easy to fit into small spaces. It doesn’t have any storage drawers, but there is a lower shelf that can be used to store pieces and accessories. This chess table doesn’t come with any pieces, but the manufacturer recommends using a set made out of brass, pewter, or wood.

The 2″ Briarwood Lacquered Chess Table is imported from Italy and features 4 turned wood legs as well as a floral inlay. It’s high on style, but low on price. This would be a great first chess table to get started with if you don’t want to make a big investment right off the bat. If you’re not sure how much you’ll use your chess table, you can always start with something like this and then upgrade later on if you find that you’re using it more than you thought and feel like you need something more robust.

Product Details [Read more]
Manufacturer Imported
Made In Italy
Table Dimensions 21″W x 21″L x 25″H
Materials Biarwood
Square Size 2″
Color Elm/Red With Floral Inlay

9. Briarwood Lacquered Table- 1.5” Squares

This small chess table is a simple, elegant black and white wooden chess board. It’s round, with a 21 inch diameter. It is made from briarwood and imported from Italy. This chess table is a great value for the money, and because of its timeless style, it will look like you paid much more for it than you really did. It’s also one of the most compact tables that you’ll be able to find in a standard chess board size, so if you’re looking for a space saver, this is the table for you.

This Briarwood chess table doesn’t come with any chess pieces, so you’ll be able to use your favorite set. There also aren’t any storage drawers or shelves on the chess table, which preserves its sleek style, but means that you won’t be able to store pieces and accessories within the table itself, only on top. This does make it a perfect candidate for displaying unique chess sets, however. Because of its neutral color scheme and high gloss finish, it would be a perfect staging area for any style of chess set.

The Briarwood Lacquered Table with 1.5 inch squares is the perfect table for those on a tight budget, those working with small spaces, and anyone who wants a simple, sleek style chess table.

Product Details [Read more]
Manufacturer Imported
Made In Italy
Table Dimensions Tabletop Diameter 21″ x 25″H
Materials Biarwood
Square Size 1.5″

10. Sorrento Chess Table – 27”

One glance at this table is all you need to understand its quality of craftsmanship. The Sorrento chess table is made in Italy from Italian mahogany with inlaid walnut and maple, with a briarwood mosaic border. It’s a stunning piece, and its unique shape and high gloss finish give it an extra dose of luxury. The Sorrento Chess Table would make a welcome addition to any formal living area.

Because of its small size and lack of storage space, this could make an excellent decorative piece for displaying a unique chess set. Of course, you could also use it for regular play, but you would have to leave all of the pieces out on the board instead of stashing them away, and there may not be room for a chess clock. Either way, it’s a gorgeous chess table, and the value you get is high, especially at this price point. It’s every bit as gorgeous as the others we’ve reviewed in this list, but less expensive than many, making it a great buy. Chess pieces aren’t included with this table, but they can be purchased along with it for an additional fee. Of course, you can also use any chess set you may already have on hand.

Product Details [Read more]
Manufacturer Imported
Made In Italy
Table Dimensions Tabletop Diameter
26″ x 27″H
Materials Maple, Walnut,
Biarwood, Mahogany,
Square Size 2″

11. Butler Heritage Collection Wood Pedestal Game Table

This chess game table is a modern reproduction with an antique style. It is one of the most beautiful and luxurious chess tables for sale today, perfect for a player who settles for nothing but the best. But it’s not limited to only chess players- the game table features a reversible playing surface where you can play chess, checkers, backgammon, or card games. The game table is made of hand carved wood with a fossil stone veneer top and brass hardware on each of the two spacious storage drawers. Pieces are not included with this chess table, so you can use your favorite set. There is plenty of storage space included in the table to store multiple sets of pieces.

Whether you play much chess or not, The Butler Heritage Collection Wood Pedestal Game Table makes for an elegant statement piece in any home or office. Its stunning, high quality workmanship makes it one of our most recommended products on this entire list. It will command the attention of anyone who walks into a room with it, and you’ll surely get a lot of compliments on its beauty. For those who enjoy a lot of luxury in their lives (and have the budget for it) there’s no finer table than this chess table, if you like the antique style.

Product Details [Read more]
Manufacturer Butler Specialty
Made In U.S
Table Dimensions 30″W x 30″L x 31″H
Materials Wood, Fossil Stone
Square Size 2”
Weight 137 Lbs
Storage Drawers 2
Chess Pieces Are Not Included

12. Butler Heritage Collection Wood Game Table

The Butler Heritage Collection Wood Game Table is a great multi-functional table for those who like to play more than just chess. This Beautiful Chess Table features a reversible game board with playing surfaces for both chess and backgammon. Of course, you can also play checkers and card games like cribbage on this board table as well. The pieces aren’t included with this chess table set, but it does have two spacious storage drawers with antique brass hardware to store your own pieces.

The design of The Butler Heritage Collection Wood Game Table is very unique as well. It’s not the typical round or squared shape that chess tables are, but rather a spacious rectangle design with wavy edges. It’s rare to find a table anything like this, so if you prefer this style, better snap this one up quickly! It’s quite stunning to behold, and even more of a joy to play on, since there is plenty of space on the chess table top for chess clocks, accessories, drinks, elbows, and anything else you may want close at hand. All the woodwork on
this chess table is hand carved by an artist, and the legs are specifically sculpted to look like a dog’s paw to add a bit of whimsy to your home. No one else will have a table like this!

Product Details [Read more]
Manufacturer Butler Specialty
Made In U.S
Table Dimensions 39″W x 28″L x 30″H
Materials Wood Solid, Dark Finishes
Square Size 2″
Weight 84 Lbs
Storage Drawers 2

13. GroovyStuff Teak Hill Country Chess Table Set with Stools

This is a very interesting chess table set with a unique rustic design. Before compiling this list, we’d never seen anything quite like this before! The GroovyStuff Teak Hill Country Chess Table Set is made of solid teak hardwood with live edges. At only 20 inches, this compact table fits into any space well, especially one with rustic, mountain lodge decor. Even with its small size, it still provides adequate storage for putting away the oversized chess pieces that are included with this set. This chess table set also includes two round, solid teak stools that stand 18 inches high and have a diameter of 14 inches.

The GroovyStuff Teak Hill Country Chess Table is an impressive little chess set table. It’s definitely a departure from the traditional chess table style, but if your design aesthetic is rustic, this could be the perfect set for you. It has a definite handmade quality, and it would be right at home at a campground, hunting cabin, or mountain ski lodge. It would make a great addition to any of these places, and help while away the hours when you’re out of cell phone range. Not many chess table sets come along in this style, so it may be wise to buy this rustic chess table now before you miss out.

Product Details [Read more]
Manufacturer Groovystuff
Made In U.S
Table Dimensions 20″W x 20″L x 31″H
Materials Teakwood
Square Size 1.75″
Weight 70 Lbs
Stools Included 2
Stools Dimensions 14L x 14W x 18H

14. Butler Masterpiece Collection Wood Multi-Game Card Table

For those who prefer a more modern style, this chess table is one of the best on the market in 2018.
The Butler Masterpiece Collection Chess Table is also the ultimate in multi game tables due to its enhanced multi-functionality. It provides more dedicated playing surfaces than any other table on this list, including game boards for chess, checkers, backgammon, and a felted surface for Blackjack and other card games. It accomplishes this by using both a reversible inset and a reversible chess board table top. On one side, the tabletop provides a niche to slot in the reversible inset with either chessboard or backgammon facing up. On the other side is the felted Blackjack board. It’s a clever design.

The game table has other clever features as well, like four built in cup holders for your drinks – one on each side of the table. The table comes with all the pieces needed to play chess, checkers, and backgammon, as well as storage space for all of them in the interior of the table. It comes in a Black or Brown version so that you can match it to your home’s design. For the quality and functionality you can get out of this modern chess table, it’s available at a really great price.

Product Details [Read more]
Manufacturer Butler Specialty
Made In U.S
Table Dimensions 36″W x 36″L x 30″H
Materials Wood
Square Size 2″
Weight 82 Lbs
4 Cup Holders Built In

15. Uttermost Fineas Wood Chess and Checkers Table

The Uttermost Fineas Wood Chess and Checkers table does a great job marrying traditional chess tables with a more modern style. The deep red hue of its natural mahogany finish feels very traditional, while the updated brass hardware and sleek shape bring it into the modern era. It’s based on a classic pedestal shape, but with a twist that results in more clean lines. It’s a great blend of the two styles, and anyone, whether they prefer antique tables or modern ones, can appreciate the simple elegance of this table.

But it doesn’t let form get in the way of function, either. This chess side table is not just for display- it has plenty of features that make playing on it a dream, like a playing surface with sizable 2 inch squares and four set in cup holders to hold your beverages while you play. Checkers pieces are included with your purchase, but you’ll have to provide your own set of chessmen. Luckily, the storage drawers provide plenty of storage space for both. The Uttermost Fineas Wood Chess Table is available right now for a great price, and it even comes with a limited 1 year warranty to give you a bit of peace of mind.

Product Details [Read more]
Manufacturer Uttermost
Made In U.S
Table Dimensions 24″W x 24″L x 29″H
Materials MDF Wood
Square Size 2″
Weight 45 Lbs
Storage Drawers 2
Warranty 1 Year

16. Belham Living Reversible Game Table

This is a great basic chess table for people who want something that looks good but won’t break the bank. Its classic design and solid construction make this a great starter game table. It has everything that you need, including good looks, without the added extras some of the luxury and high end tables have. If you don’t care for all of the bells and whistles, this chess board table will last you for many years to come, and at a bargain price.

It’s available in either black or brown, and both colors sport the same modern pedestal design. Its 28 inch square size makes it a noticeable presence in any game room, living area, or study and also provides plenty of playing space. It is made of sturdy materials (not particularly luxurious, but sturdy), including poplar and engineered wood with maple veneers. The Belham Living Reversible Game Table has one storage drawer and two playing surfaces- one for chess and checkers and the other for backgammon. The game pieces are not included, but at this price, you’re saving so much money that you can easily afford to buy them separately. All in all, the Belham Living Reversible Game Table is a great table for the price, a perfect starter table, and a good choice for a chess player who prefers to stick to the basics. We recommend it for buyers on a budget.

Product Details [Read more]
Manufacturer Belham Living
Made In U.S
Table Dimensions 28″W x 28″L x 31″H
Materials Poplar, Maple
Square Size 2″
Color Black / Brown
Storage Drawers 2
Choice of Select Finish Options

Choosing the Best 2018 Chess Table For You: A Buyer’s Guide

We’ve presented you with a lot of options to choose from, so it’s normal to feel a bit unsure or even overwhelmed with choice. These are all great chess board tables, but how can you sure which is going to be the best choice to meet your specific needs? Any chess table for sale is an investment, and as such, you’ll naturally want to be sure that you’re choosing the right one for your needs before spending your money. Even the cheapest options can still cost you hundreds of dollars, and more high end products can have prices in the thousands. Of course, the products are worth it for what you get in terms of quality and craftsmanship, but still, it’s a lot to spend on the wrong table. Which is why you need to be sure you’re choosing the right one! There are a few things you need to consider before buying, such as:


Chess tables come in a variety of different materials. Wood is probably the most common, but you can also find metal and plastic tables, along with more unique materials like concrete and natural stone. The material your chess table is made of will be the single most significant factor in its longevity, along with how well you take care of it, of course. Well made, solid wood chess tables often become heirloom pieces, while plastic or wood veneer tables are rarely passed down.

Once you’ve narrowed down the type of material you want in general, turn your mind to the specifics. If you prefer stone, what type of stone do you want? Marble? Alabaster? Granite? Is there a type of hardwood that you prefer? Chess tables can be found in many exotic types of wood, including Italian mahogany, Hawaiian koa wood, and Californian redwood, along with many more. Consider any ethical qualms you may have. Do you want to make sure that your chess board table was made with sustainably harvested wood? Is it a problem for you if you buy an antique chess board that’s inlaid with ivory? These are all things to consider before you commit to buy.


Think of the room where you’d like to put your chess table eventually. Is there plenty of room available, or is space a bit tight? The amount of space you have to work with will determine how big of a chess game table you’ll be able to accommodate. In tight spaces, you may want to use a small round chess table to maximize space around the table. Luckily, you can find chess side tables with standard size chess boards that are as small as 21 inches in diameter. Alternatively, you could opt for a larger table that can be used as both a chess table and a normal table, eliminating the need for both, and save space that way.


The style you prefer is a matter of personal aesthetics, and there are many chess tables available for sale in 2018 that range from traditional to modern, and everywhere in between. You can even find quirky styles specific to your interests, like the Dave Reynolds Surf Set we reviewed earlier on this page. There are also several chess tables that you can have customized to your exact specifications by the master craftsmen who make them, so the only limitation is your own imagination!


Most chess game tables are either round, square, or rectangular, but there are some unique silhouettes available as well. If you have a strong preference for a certain shape, make sure the table you want can be made that way. In general, a round chess table is more flexible and takes up less space than a square or rectangular table, so take that into consideration if you’re working with a small space. If you frequently have young children in your home, you may also want to opt for a chess table without sharp corners in case of accidents!


Chess board tables are available with and without storage drawers or shelves. Some people can’t live without the dedicated storage space for their pieces, clocks, and accessories, while others prefer the sleek and simple silhouette of a table without bulky drawers. This is up to your own personal preference. If your table doesn’t have storage drawers, you may have to either find some place else to store your pieces or leave them on the board all the time, but this can enhance the esthetics of your chess table, so it’s up to you! Some people who have a chess table with drawers may choose to leave their pieces out for decoration when the table is not in use.


If you already have a collection or favorite set of chess pieces, it may not matter to you if chess pieces aren’t included in the purchase of your new chess table. However, if you don’t have a set of chess pieces yet, you may prefer to buy an all-inclusive set to avoid having to find and purchase a set that matches. We guarantee that when your new chess table first arrives, you’ll want to play right away, not wait for a new set of chess pieces to arrive!


Your budget may prove to be the most limiting factor to consider when buying a chess table, but there are plenty of options available in various price ranges. Beautiful tables can be had for low prices, if you know where to look. That being said, certain handcrafted and custom made styles are only available at higher price points. If that’s the style that you really have your heart set on, it may be better to wait until you have enough saved up to buy it than to settle for something less expensive that you’ll be dissatisfied with. On the other hand, you can always buy a more economical table to tide you over for the time being and upgrade it later.

What is a Chess Table For?

A chess table, as opposed to a simple chess board, is a sturdy piece of furniture that offers both a playing surface for chess games as well as a storage solution for game pieces and possibly other chess related accessories. They most often have the black and white squares of the game board inlaid flush with their surfaces, rather than resting on top of them. This makes for seamless play, and it definitely has a unique aesthetic. Many people buy antique or modern chess tables as a way to display beautiful or rare chess sets on an equally beautiful surface, but they are also very useful for regular play. Whether you want a chess table for decorative purposes or for active chess gameplay, there are many choices out there, and it can be difficult to determine which table will be best suited for your particular needs. We can help with the decision by offering detailed reviews of several different popular chess tables for sale. Read on to find your best fit.

Now You’re Ready to Buy!

Once you’ve decided what’s most important to you in each of these categories, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the perfect chess table for you. Our list of options offers something for everyone, so you’ll surely be able to find something that suits your needs and strikes your fancy. For a modern style, check out the Redding Custom Concrete Chess Table or the Briarwood Lacquered Table with 2” Squares. For tight spaces, try the Briarwood Lacquered Table with 1.5” squares or the 27” Sorrento Chess Table. These two are also great for displaying a decorative chess set. If you want to play more than just chess, try the “ Ultimate Italian Game Table or the US Made Round Pedestal Game Table. For an eco friendly table, choose the US Made Round Pedestal Game Table or the modern Redding Custom Concrete Chess Table. If you’re on a tight budget, we recommend either of the Briarwood Lacquered Tables.

You can’t go wrong with any of these tables, as long as they suit your personal style. They are all high quality, well made chess tables that will last you for many years to come. They each have different features, but they all provide a comfortable, elegant surface to display a decorative chess set or play a nice game of chess.
Buy Online: Variety of The Best Chess Tables Online – Shipping Worldwide.
The Best Chess Tables In 2018 (Page Summary):

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